The hopeless bride has an offer for you

To celebrate Easter, my blog turning a year old and anything else you can think of, I have an amazing offer to share with you.

My friend and Colleague Lee Charlton, has just launched his new freelance photography business and is giving you the opportunity to grab a bargain.

As some of you know I work in the travel industry and Lee is the photographer for our business, taking some incredible shots shown in the slideshow below. Recently Lee has decided to also branch out into the freelance world doing wedding photography, engagement shoots, family portraits, new-born shoots – you name it, he can do it!

To celebrate his new website and photo packages ( ) Lee is offering you lucky lot an incredible 35% discount off of his normal prices when you quote ‘thehopelessbride’

I can totally vouch for Lee as being a great photographer and someone capable of capturing the best images possible. He is really flexible and as you can see from his images, happy to travel. So if you’re getting married, would like some family photos or have an event coming up that could use a photographer, check out Lee’s site and make the most of this introductory offer.

P.S As usual I’m not being paid/sponsored to say this, I just like to support small businesses where I can and this is genuinely a great discount (who doesn’t love a bargain?)

P.P.S If Lee had started his freelance work when I was looking at photographers, he would be doing my wedding as well.

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The hopeless bride gets a makeover part 2

I’ve already talked on the blog about finding the perfect person to do my makeup for the big day, (you can read it here) and last weekend myself and three of the bridesmaids had our wedding makeup trial.

As I said before, I barely know anything about makeup and had prepared Alex to not expect much direction from me, she pretty much had free reign to do what she thought best. I have had my makeup done before for a prom, a grad ball and a wedding with mixed success, so when she arrived last Saturday morning I was nervous to say the least.

Alex and her enormous magical wheelie bag of makeup soon put us all at ease. By matching all of the makeup to the individual person, everyone felt as though they had something that suited them and that was different from each other.

  • Lily who never normally wears much makeup had a gorgeous pink colour on her eyes that I would never have thought would work, but it did.
  • Kirsty who likes bright colours had a pale pink/peach lipstick that I wasn’t sure would suit her but, it looked great.
  • Emma had gold/brown colours and brows that totally changed her look.
  • I had a bright pink lipstick with a purple hue, that would definitely never normally be something I’d try but I loved it and I think it will go brilliantly with the colours of the day.

Alex had so many different techniques and tricks to hide whatever we didn’t like or highlight something in particular. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what she did as I honestly don’t know, all I do know is that contouring would undoubtedly leave me looking a disaster if I ever tried it!

What I enjoyed the most was that Alex asked my opinion on elements of my makeup and when I didn’t know what I’d prefer, she’d try her suggestion on half of my face so I could see the difference. This really helped me as when faced with ‘do I want my brows to be darker?’ or ‘should I have more brown in my eyeshadow?’ I had no clue what would look best. Alex did my makeup way better than I could have imagined and I really felt part of the process which was great.

I’d really recommend finding someone who you feel comfortable with as I knew that if I didn’t like something I could tell Alex and she would not be at all offended as she just wanted everything to be perfect. For me personally with no makeup knowledge, it was quite an intimidating stage of the planning and I could quite easily have been too shy to give my opinion for fear of being wrong/looking an idiot. Having the right makeup artist prevented that and avoided me just going along with something and walking down the aisle looking like coco the clown just to keep the makeup artist happy.

Us girls had a great morning and now we can’t wait for the big day as it’s one thing I know I don’t have to worry about! Below are some before and after photos, I haven’t put my before because I look like a gremlin! and yes that is a bit unfair on the bridesmaids but I’m the bride so tough luck, they can post no makeup photos of me when I’m their bridesmaid (hint, hint 😉 )

You can find out more about Alex and her business at

P.S I’m not being paid/sponsored to say this I just like to promote small businesses where I can and give advice based on my experiences 🙂

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The hopeless bride puts a ring on it

Even though James proposed over 2 years ago, I don’t think it had ever fully sunk in that we were actually going to get married. That was until we both went and tried on wedding rings, then shit got real.

First let me rewind a bit. We both realised we had got to the stage of our planning that meant we needed to start thinking about what wedding bands we wanted. Luckily for me James had put all the time and effort into the engagement ring, researching things like the different types of metal, setting and the 4C’s; cut, colour, clarity and carat (if like me you had never heard of these!) so he at least had some knowledge, the only trouble was that he had no desire to get a wedding band like an engagement ring so this changed the ball game entirely.

Sadly for us the lovely independent family jewellers that James had bought the engagement ring from had shut down after 20 years of business (talk about unlucky.) This meant that the wedding band designed specifically to go with the engagement ring was not going to be available 😦

So we started from scratch looking at different types online and in shop windows but it always seemed a bit daunting to go in and actually try any on, almost like it was far too grown up for us even though the wedding is this year!

Eventually we bit the bullet and went and tried some rings on in a local independent jewellers. To make life easier I chose to stick with platinum to match my engagement ring, James however had the choice of white gold, gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, titanium and palladium amongst others, making this possibly the only ever time that he has had more choices than me in this process.

As ever, I was completely indecisive and didn’t want to make a choice there and then, so we left and decided to try at least one more jewellers. One Saturday morning after a cock up on my part that meant we were in Milton Keynes before the shops opened, we looked in a few windows and decided to give a shop we’d never heard of a go. We googled the shop to find out that it was a chain of jewellers, something I’m normally not a fan of as I like to support local business, but to tell the truth the selection was bigger, better and nicer than the local shop. What made it even more appealing was that after trying on lots of rings, the one I liked the most was nearly half the price of an almost identical ring in the other jewellers and James’ was in the sale!

In between ordering the rings in our sizes to try on properly at the shop, I did some research into platinum. I wondered why there could be such a difference in the prices for what on paper was the same thing. I was worried that platinum might be like gold where you can get different levels of quality i.e. 14ct 18ct 24 ct. Apparently (correct me if I’m wrong) platinum is platinum, there are no different levels of quality or pureness. Within the world there are two levels of quality but in the UK shops only sell the higher level of the two. My research basically showed that the difference is the most obvious one, in that local jewellers often hand make their rings in their workshops and larger stores often have machine made rings.

For me at this stage of the planning/expense I was happy to go with the cheaper option as it looked identical and there were no obvious signs of why it would be any less of a nice ring. If in a few years time either of us decide we’re not happy we can always go back and look to take the more expensive, one off route. I know many brides wouldn’t want to compromise but it was the right decision for us and it means we can have a big cheese and pork pie cake at the reception, so priorities… I know anyone going will thank me for this later.

So the rings are sorted, all I need to do now is remember which ‘safe place’ in the house I’ve put them in, ahead of the day – wish me luck!

The hopeless bride gives notice

 Now this post may not be about the most exciting part of planning a wedding but it might actually be useful to someone planning a wedding – hurrah!

A year before the wedding when we booked our registrar ( get in early the good time slots go so quickly in peak season and no one wants to get married at 9am!) they told us that before the wedding we needed to ‘give notice’ so we nodded and thought no more of it.

However, when we got an email reminder about giving notice, I realised that I actually had no idea what that was, what we had to do and if it was optional. After speaking to friends and family it appeared that I wasn’t the only one, even couples getting married this year had somehow not heard of it!

So after some research spurred on by the fact they wanted us to pay £70 just for the appointment, I started to understand more. It turns out that if you are having a registrar marry you, then you need to ‘give notice’ before the wedding ( I believe it’s different for church ceremonies.) This is basically a load of legal paperwork to make sure you can actually marry each other and the cynic in me would also say another money making opportunity. Your intention to wed is listed publicly ( I have no idea where) and it gives people the chance to object to your marriage.

Once we understood a bit more we looked into what we had to do. You have to book an appointment with the registrar at the council that looks after the area you are getting married in. Really conveniently for this day and age the appointments are all Mon-Fri and 9am-4pm – great!

Getting an appointment also seemed tricky, no doubt because everyone else was also as shocked by this giving notice malarkey so were all booking last minute slots.

Having paid the £70 albeit begrudgingly, we were booked in and were given information to read and documents to bring with us. We had no idea what to expect,  so when we turned up I found myself feeling a little bit nervous. The whole point is to make sure we can legally marry and that the whole thing isn’t a sham, so were they going to interrogate us? were we going to have to answer questions about our life? I started to panic a bit:

  • What on earth was James’ favourite colour?
  • What was the name of his school?
  • Oh my god maybe I know nothing about him!

When we arrived the two ladies seemed really nice and informed us that we would be questioned separately. This certainly did sound like some sort of interrogation or test we had to pass which didn’t exactly calm my nerves.

James went first and when it was my turn the first thing the lady said was, “Oh my god he didn’t even know your favourite food!” I could have died but it turns out civil servants have a sense of humour and this was just a joke, thank god.

The questions were all factual and I needn’t have worried at all. So now our proposed marriage is publicly available to view so please don’t object otherwise the blog could come to a very abrupt end!

The hopeless bride bags a bargain

If you’ve been following my blog, firstly thank you! Secondly you may remember a long while back I told you about choosing my bridesmaids (here)

I have five bridesmaids, which didn’t seem that many until it came to thinking about what bridesmaid dresses to get. Without naming names I have quite a varied bunch of bridesmaids with heights ranging from 5ft to 5ft8 and sizes from 8-18 with all different body types.

Not only did I have to try and find five bridesmaids dresses that not only suited everyone (did I mention that I have bridesmaids with blonde, brown, ginger and black hair!!) but I needed to try and not break the bank doing it.

From looking online I soon realised that buying the dresses from a bridal shop would not be doable. The dresses in the specialist bridal shops seemed to start at around £100 and go up to literally thousands. I’d hoped to get each dress for around the £100 mark so I ruled these out.

I started to look at online bridesmaids shops and while they were cheaper, a lot of them had bad reviews about dresses being see through, bad sizing and poor quality. The last thing I wanted to do was order five dresses that not only could the bridesmaids not try on beforehand but that would end up in a long game of returns and refunds.

A family friend recommended a large chain of bridal shops called Wed2Be that also did bridesmaid dresses, with one handily only half an hour away from where I live. So one Sunday after a stressful journey  and a very necessary Starbucks, we headed to the Milton Keynes branch of Wed2Be.


bracing myself for bridesmaid shopping

I will be honest, I have heard many great things about really affordable wedding dresses from these shops however their bridesmaid section left a lot to be desired. The shop holds all of their standard dresses but only in one colour, so if you do buy dresses you have to judge from a colour chart as to what you will get. The dresses available to try on were often dirty, had broken zips, were badly sized and all in a fabric that I have no doubt would make you sweat on even the coldest of winter days.

The girls however were amazing and tried on every style possible to give us an idea of what would look good on everyone. Although I knew within 5 minutes that we wouldn’t be buying the dresses from the shop, it was useful to get an idea of styles, length and fabrics.

I left the shop feeling a bit deflated and still like I had no clue what to buy and where to get it from.

A few weeks later I was casually browsing ASOS for clothes when I saw that they had a wedding section. Their wedding section is not at all what I expected; the bridesmaid dresses came in every size and colour, they had a ‘curve’ section which I had not seen before and they had really good reviews. Whilst browsing I found a gorgeous bridesmaid dress in the perfect colour with perfect sizes  for my bridesmaids. If I had any doubts about ordering dresses online, they soon disappeared when I saw that the dresses were in fact in the sale down to £30…. yes that’s right £30 each!

With that, I quickly checked sizes with the girls and ordered five dresses to come with next day delivery. I had no real expectation that they would be nice or that they would fit everyone, realistically it was a long shot. However ,when they arrived I was taken aback by how nice they were. The dresses were lined with a bodice and the flower belt was detachable. I loved them. The even bigger miracle was that through meeting the girls, all the dresses fit. Hallelujah! Although they would all need slight alterations to length and certain areas, for the most part the dresses looked lovely and the girls approved.

So all I would say is that don’t rule anything out, I was disappointed not to be able to afford more than £100 a dress and ended up getting  5 dresses for £150 that I truly love. It took a while but we eventually got something we are all happy with.


the top of the dresses


flower detail on the detachable belt

The hopeless bride tastes success (hopefully)

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (here) I LOVE FOOD. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m usually more concerned with what I’m having for my next meal than with anything else going on.

Now for me, choosing food is always hard but not because I’m fussy but mainly because I like everything, and I mean everything! So when it came to choosing what we would eat on the wedding day I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but throw in pleasing 60 other people and you’ve got a near impossible situation.

‘Just have chicken’ you may be thinking, ‘everyone likes chicken’. Well here is the problem; nearly every wedding I have ever been to has served some variation on the following dinner.

  • Chicken – always either breast or supreme
  • A form of potato – fondant, mash, roast or occasionally you may even see dauphinoise
  • Green beans – it’s always green beans
  • Some sort of creamy sauce – be it mushroom, white wine or something along those lines

So naturally my annoying brain instinctively doesn’t want that and feels the need to be different.

When looking at the menu choices for our venue I was filled with joy, there was so much to choose from and loads of exciting dishes that I would love to eat any day of the week. However, when mentioning the kinds of dishes that I’d love to choose to our family and friends, I started to get nervous. The more options I mentioned, the more problems I kept coming across. Here’s just an idea of the issues you may face if you ever have the fun filled task of choosing the food at a wedding.

  • Duck breast – ‘oh that’s a bit adventurous not sure people will eat duck, does it taste like chicken?’
  • Steak (everyone likes steak surely) well steak might not be popular, especially as half the people there can’t stand any blood from their steak and the other half want it really bloody, cue a logistical nightmare
  • Lamb – half of one side of the family do not eat lamb at all so that’s out of the question
  • Ok what about fish and chips? that’s a classic, ohh lots of people don’t like fish, that’s very risky

Now it’s worth mentioning here that the caterers at our venue have a rule where couples must choose just one starter, one main and one dessert, they don’t do big menus or choices for the guests, to try and avoid difficulty finding people, keeping all food hot and of high quality. I can totally understand this as mass catering is always hard to get right but it makes my life bloody hard.

Luckily our venue invited us and other couples booked for 2017 to try samples from their menu options. This was not only a great idea to give us an indication of what their food is like (and eat loads at the same time)  but it was a good opportunity to ask lots of questions on how to get around this difficult issue.

Even after the tasting we were still unsure and I still had thoughts of ‘sod it lets have chicken and I’ll get them to make me something different’ until  we realised there were a few more options. In the venue guide we saw that they had a BBQ option. Instead of this being one choice of meat and accompaniments this gave a selection of meats and fish cooked fresh and served with salads, bread and potatoes that people could help themselves to – we instantly loved the idea!

Our wedding is in July and fingers crossed the weather will be good so a BBQ will be perfect! Guests won’t be forced to eat anything they don’t like and we don’t have the stress of choosing which relatives to piss off by selecting the food they don’t like – WIN WIN!

(**Disclaimer**  if you happen to be the one person in the whole world that hates a BBQ and you happen to be invited to our wedding, please bring a packed lunch)


tasty canapés


THAT chicken dish at our venue


delicious lamb rump


a trio of desserts

The hopeless bride saves the date 

Although it’s a fairly new tradition in the UK, I always wanted to create a save the date for the wedding. With our friends and family spread far apart and some people in different countries, I wanted to try and make sure as many people could book time off for the wedding as possible.

Luckily in my job I sit next to a very talented and lovely graphic designer who can turn ideas into amazing pieces of work.

Laura kindly offered to help me create my wedding stationery and we spoke about things that I had seen in various places (Pinterest obviously) and what kind of colours and styles I was looking for. We came up with the idea of having a luggage tag themed save the date in brown craft paper matched with the colour of the wedding, pale pink.

Laura did her magic and came up with a first draft of the tag, it was great. Not only is it really pretty but she has also created a little ‘logo’ for our wedding stationery to tie it all together once we have created other things like invites. Once we had made a few adjustments it was ready to be made.

We looked at different options for printing and Laura recommended a website called where you can upload designs and have them printed at a fraction of the cost of using a stationer. Luckily for me Laura did all of this as I was terrified of ordering the wrong sizes/colours or ending up with 3000 save the dates that would never be used.

As I haven’t really done anything DIY for the wedding yet I thought we could make the save the dates even better by adding the finishing touches by hand. When the save the dates and envelopes came through the post they looked amazing and even better than I could have imagined.

To finish them off myself and James had a little production line going; using a single hole punch to create a hole at the top of the tag, threading pale pink twine through so people can hang the save the date up if they want, adding a magnet to the back so people can stick it to their fridge, putting them in the matching envelopes and sealing them with personalised stickers that Laura had made using our ‘logo’. I’m so happy with how they have turned out, below are some photos showing the process of how we made them.

After all that efficiency (this was months ago) I have only just finished sending them out and I’m pretty sure there are some still sat on my coffee table to be passed on when I next see people. So if you think you should have received a save the date and haven’t, don’t worry, I’m just really rubbish at remembering to give them out, please don’t be offended! I’m sure you will get them at some point, hopefully before the actual wedding but I can’t make any promises, I am the hopeless bride after all.




The hopeless bride gets a makeover

As we’re getting ever closer to the big day (232 days my countdown app tells me) I’ve started to look at the finer details of the day that need organising.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have never been a very ‘girly’ girl, so when the checklist of things to do threw up makeup I must admit my heart did sink a bit.

I’ve never been one of those girls that knows much about makeup, I have never owned a MAC lipstick (shock horror!) and up until a few months ago I’d never made any attempt to tame my unruly bushy eyebrows, mainly because all methods bloody hurt. At school I was too much of a nerd to worry about makeup and after that I never made it a priority.

My makeup bag, which is very small, consists of my day to day products of concealer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, a little bronzer and if I am feeling wild I may add a bit of lipstick, that is literally it. The thought of trying to communicate what I want on my wedding day is not going to be easy, mainly because I have no idea.

Obviously I want to look nice on my day but trying to discuss lashes, colours and whatever the hell contouring is will not fill me with joy. So I did the usual, I googled, read tips on the ‘do’s and don’ts’ and generally procrastinated until something more interesting came along.

What astounded me first of all was not only the choice on offer, but the price! As someone that buys very few products I had totally underestimated how much getting your makeup done on your wedding day would cost. I had quotes ranging from £90-£150 for what apparently takes between 30-60 minutes and obviously you don’t get to keep what they use on you. Am I the only person that thinks that is mad?? at that kind of hourly rate I am in the wrong industry!

Luckily for me at the same time as all this was happening an old work colleague was taking the plunge in leaving a corporate city job behind in a quest to start her own business, as a hair and makeup artist! Unlike me, Alex always looked immaculately turned out with her trademark lipstick on and her hair looking amazing – thank god.

I’d seen her talking about her business on Facebook and had looked at her website ( check it out!)but had ruled her out as I had moved an hour and a half away from my old job. Weirdly not long after that, Alex got in touch and asked if I needed someone to do mine and the bridesmaids makeup for the day. I explained my situation and my location and was amazed that she was happy to travel and take on my 5 bridesmaids all on her own.

I said to Alex that I have no clue what I want and generally need help (in life not just makeup) and she totally put my mind at rest and has made me feel a lot better about the whole thing.

So Very Bettie is booked! she will be coming to do a trial for us all next year and will be joining me on my big day. I love supporting small businesses if I can, so please check out her Facebook (@verybettiemua) and website. Not only is she willing to travel but she charges nowhere near as much as the other people I researched, oh and she’s lovely which I think helps a lot!



The hopeless bride is NOT on a diet

The post I’m writing today is a bit different to my others in that I haven’t actually planned another part of the wedding, however I wanted to bring up this weird thing that I’ve noticed ever since getting engaged.

Since we announced that we were getting married, an unbelievable amount of friends, family, colleagues and even complete strangers have all asked me about one thing, my ‘wedding diet’. Now if I had gone on about wanting to lose weight I could understand this but I have never once said that I am going on a diet for the wedding.

And yet all of these questions have had the same thing in common, they don’t ask if I am going on a diet but they invariably ask, ‘how much weight are you planning to lose?’ ‘When are you starting your wedding diet?’ ‘What diet are you on for the big day?’

I even had a colleague who I have never really spoken to, and I can assume only knows I’m getting married from when I paraded my wedding shoes around the office, ask ‘how is the wedding diet going?’  I was so taken aback by this I just muttered that I hadn’t started which prompted the response of ‘oh well you’ve got plenty of time I guess’

This left me feeling three things. One- confused, was she mixing me up with someone else? Did she really mean to ask me that question? Two – confused again, had I ever in a moment of madness claimed that I was going on some kind of wedding diet? Three – offended? I am a size 10/12 which is two sizes below the U.K. Average. I have never been someone who wanted to lose loads of weight so why would someone ask that? Do I need to lose weight?

Imagine how potentially damaging that could be to someone who is sensitive about their weight or to someone who may be suffering with an eating disorder in silence.

I will confess however, that I am following a fitness plan at the moment but I started it at the beginning of this year, before we’d ever looked at a venue, ever considered a date or even thought about actually planning the wedding. So I’m not counting that. The aim of it is to improve my fitness not shed pounds.

But anyway, what is this culture/trend of assuming when a woman is getting married that they MUST be on a diet? Is it not possible that a woman can plan to get married without shedding lots of weight and just remaining how they already are?

I asked my fiancé if he’d experienced a similar thing and funnily enough no one was asking him if he’s counting the calories.

I find it baffling. In no other social situation would it be acceptable to ask people how their diet is going unless they had specifically talked about being on one.

“Oh Harry’s christening is in two months how many pounds are you planning to lose?”

“What diet plan are you following for David and Mary’s 50th wedding anniversary next year?”

It’s just so odd and something that I kind of wish wasn’t happening because if that is now the norm then I find it very sad. We are nearly at the end of 2016 and this attitude seems so outdated!

There, rant over! A normal service of wedding planning will resume shortly once I’ve finished stuffing my face with cake.

And for anyone who may be thinking of asking me how the diet is going, prepare for a barrage of abuse! I am not and will not be going on a diet for my wedding.

Oh and If anyone has seen my Instagram (vw89) they will know I am definitely not on a diet!


my ‘diet’ dinner on Tuesday

The hopeless bride says yes to the dress

This is without the doubt the one post I have been looking forward to writing because it means I have bought the most important dress of my life, my wedding dress. Now obviously before the wedding I can’t give too much away just in case my other half James is reading but I can tell you about how I found THE dress.

This element of planning the wedding has scared me the most, buying one dress that everyone is waiting to see and that will be immortalised in hundreds of photos forever, is a big task with a lot of pressure.

After hours of Pinterest and Google searching I had an idea of the types of dresses I liked and the ones I thought would suit my figure.

Luckily for me, my lovely sister Saffron works in a bridal shop and knows everything there is to know about wedding dresses – result! she kindly offered to open the shop up on a Sunday so that we could have the place to ourselves to try on as many dresses as we wanted. All that was left was to pick a date and round up my family and friends to go and have a look and see what her shop had to offer.

So one Sunday morning with extreme butterflies in my stomach, we all made the journey from my house to her shop in Northampton. The shop was beautiful, gorgeous dresses with sequins and lace were everywhere and the choice was amazing.

After watching more ‘don’t tell the bride’ episodes than I can remember, I realised that I needed to try dresses on in every style, shape and colour just to make sure that the one I picked was really right for me.

After browsing all the rails I selected a mammoth 8/9 dresses to try on (thank god we had no time limit or other brides waiting for us to finish!)

Firstly, I tried on the dress I had pictured from all the research that I had done and while it was nice, it just didn’t feel right. This is where I started to panic, if the dress I had dreamed of for months wasn’t the one then what on earth was I going to buy? One thing I quickly learned was that the dresses I thought I hated were often a lot nicer than I thought and the dresses I thought would be perfect for me often didn’t suit me at all. Great.

As I worked my way through the dresses I was getting more and more worried. There were a few that were really nice but something was missing and the doubts started creeping in. Then I tried on THE one. On the hanger I hated it and only tried it on because my sister insisted that she thought it would look good on me. She’s only worked in bridal for eight years so what would she know, well as it turns out, everything.

In the dressing room I was shocked, I never thought a dress like this would suit me at all and here I was actually really liking it. The real test would be the reveal to my family, as I walked out expecting them to hate it something strange happened. They all started to cry and tears of joy rather than dear god take that off tears! This was the reaction I had been hoping for all day and it was happening with the dress I thought I would never like.

As the dress was the total opposite of everything I thought I wanted, I was really hesitant. The scared, nervous part of me was telling me to stick with the conservative, ‘please everyone,’ safe choice, whereas the other half of me was telling me to go for it and to be brave on the biggest day of my life. What a decision.

So after a massive roast dinner in a local pub (what else would you eat in between trying on wedding dresses) we went back and tried on the final two dresses  before making my decision. I chose the dress I never thought I would.

So it is done, I have bought a wedding dress and am so excited (and still terrified) of wearing it next year. The biggest and most terrifying part of the process is done and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

P.s if you are reading this and coming to the wedding next year, please say it looks nice even if it doesn’t!

Here is a photo of just one dress I tried on (please note, the face I’m pulling is not in disgust, I just unfortunately have natural resting bitch face – it’s not my fault, I was born with it).



The beautiful shop


the beautiful shop