The hopeless bride gets married… part 2

Just over five weeks after the wedding and I've been struggling to think how to write this post.  Its sounds cringey but I honestly don't think words could describe how much of an amazing day we had, or describe the countless special moments throughout the day.

I'll give it a go and try not to bore you for too long. Our wedding started normally with the usual chaos of bridesmaids arriving along with hair, makeup, flowers, photographer, videographer and family. It was a fairly calm morning with pastries, fizz and cake.

The wedding party gradually got their hair and makeup done and everyone picked up their flowers. The now infamous wedding spreadsheet was pored over and everyone got to know what they needed to do. On the other side of town by the time several bridesmaids had, had their hair done, the boys were just waking up and planning a McDonalds breakfast. It's safe to say their morning was a lot calmer and stress free than ours!

Time seemed to go fairly slowly throughout the morning, until Marcus our photographer pointed at his watch and I realised that my family's car should have left 20 minutes before and I was due to leave in five minutes but didn't even have my dress on! that was when the stress began. After that, the rest of the day was a blur from rushing to get ready, racing to the car and then getting stuck behind a tractor on the way to the venue. Meanwhile while my group were rushing around, James and all the guests were sat waiting for me completely oblivious of what was going on. Due to an error in communication apparently my entrance music was played twice before I got there, making James increasingly nervous.

The ceremony was beautiful and to my amazement I managed to not cry, I was too excited for the rest of the day to come. After, we walked out of the venue being showered in confetti and ready for our photos. In between sips of fizz and mouthfuls of canapés we got our group shots done and headed around the grounds for portrait shots. Luckily despite a horrendous forecast, the rain held out until after our photos giving us time to get all the images we had hoped for.

Thanks to forward planning from the venue, we were still able to have our BBQ and enjoy seeing all our friends and family properly. One downside to having a fairly tight dress was that I could barely eat anything which if you know me, was a major frustration! luckily I had no problems drinking fizz throughout the day.

The speeches were amazing and really made the day extra special, I really felt for them having to stand up in front of everyone as I don't think I could have done it. Once the wedding breakfast was over, we all headed to the bar where the photobooth was ready and our ceremony room had been transformed into the dance floor for the evening.

From then on it was a flurry of welcoming new guests, talking to friends and family and occasionally actually seeing my new husband. When everyone told me the day goes in the blink of an eye they were not wrong and before I knew it, it was time to cut the cake and do the first dance which I had been dreading. We survived and even managed a small twirl without anyone falling over which I'm calling a win.

Then the band started and the fun began, the atmosphere was amazing and as we had chosen all the songs the band played, we loved every second of hearing our favourites surrounded by friends and family.

One downside to the horrendous weather was that in the evening we didn't manage to get our sparkler shot as planned, but honestly by the time we realised it wouldn't be possible, we were so happy and keen to be on the dance floor it really didn't matter. I would say for any brides to be out there, what seems like an essential in the lead up to the day, often won't feel like one on the day, so if things go wrong you probably won't care!

The band played their last song and no one wanted it to end. The lights came one, everyone grabbed cake and headed into the rain to go to our hotels.

That was over five weeks ago now and it all feels like it was a bit of a dream! We had the best day ever and it was totally worth all the planning and stress. Since then we have received our professional photos which are amazing memories of the day. I've put some of my favourites below and will do a post with all the suppliers I used very soon. But for now, all I can say is I guess I'm no longer the hopeless bride, I'm being Mrs Williams.

P.s. We are writing thank you cards as we speak but we want to make sure everyone has a personal message so it is taking longer than planned. I promise they are on the way – please don't hate us x

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