The hopeless bride gets married

When I reread the title, I have to pinch myself. We did it. We had the best day of our lives and I am now officially Mrs Williams. The whole day simultaneously feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago and still somewhat surreal.

Now that we are back from our mini moon, I wanted to share my thoughts on the wedding with you and go through my tips, do’s and don’ts and advice over a few posts before I move on to my next blogging project.

But first I thought I’d share with you the lead up to the big day, in the hope that as ever, it may be useful to anyone planning a wedding. With the wedding on a Saturday my last day at work was the Wednesday of that week. I wanted a few days off to get my nails done and leave time for any last minute panics and ‘oh shit we forgot about…’ moments.

On the Thursday I had booked to have a manicure, pedicure and a lash tint at around lunch time. I knew that at some point that day I would need to be at home to take delivery of our 6 tier cheese and pork pie cake (below) but given that the delivery time would be a one hour slot between 8am-8pm I thought what are the chances they would clash. Well of course they did. When I was at bridesmaid Emma’s house with the girls all trying on their altered dresses, I got the text from my friendly yodel driver Rowan to say my one hour delivery slot was 12.42-13.42 and when was my nail appointment????? 13.00-14.00. Fantastic. I didn’t panic, I thought surely I can move the delivery slot or change my nail appointment or worse comes worse, get someone to sit at the house and wait for the delivery. Half an hour later when my nail appointment and the delivery couldn’t be moved and every other person available was found to also be getting their nails done at the same time I did start to panic. My only choice was to select the ‘leave with a neighbour’ option online and hope a) someone was in and b) that they wouldn’t be fuming about having a stinky box of cheese in their house for a few hours.


After nails, lashes and two trips each to B&M and Tesco (I kept forgetting things) I head home and sheepishly knocked at the neighbours. Luckily they had been in and thanks to the great vacuum packaging the cheese didn’t smell – thank god! (I’ll do a post on all of our suppliers soon including where we got the cheese/pork pie cake from)

James came home that night with the remaining Amazon Prime last minute purchases we made and we did a final check that we had everything, all suits were ironed and ready to go. We felt pretty much as ready as we could be

On Friday I was hit with the realisation that this was my last day as a single lady, the last day I’d be known as Victoria Warman. It sounds dramatic put like that but I had never really thought much about it before. At this stage I was feeling a mixture of being so excited I couldn’t wait to get to the day and pure, utter fear! James had the Friday off as well so our morning was spent finalising little bits and getting everything ready to take to the venue in the afternoon.

With family meeting us there, we loaded up James’ car with everything for the wedding which turned out to be a massive amount, and set about telling people where to put things and what needed doing.

The decorating and putting up photo walls (below) took hardly any time with everyone getting stuck in. The afternoon was fun and a great chance for everyone to get excited and laugh at James, Brett and Chris trying to blow up inflatable flamingos (sounds random but there was a pool for use at the venue so we’d purchased these as a decoration)


Meeting our wedding co-ordinator, we realised we had forgotten to think about a few things. We had bought lots of tealights to go on a shelf around the bar area but never considered that tealights get extremely hot and could scorch the wooden shelving. Lucky for us Jamie our wedding coordinator was so helpful and set about finding us a solution which he did with every hurdle we came across and every ‘oh my god I didn’t think about that’ which inevitably came up.

The only negative to the day was that we had one supplier delivering ‘LOVE’ letters, a post-box and a ladder for the table plan who was supposed to arrive between 2-3pm and by 4pm when we had finished doing everything they still had not turned up. Despite attempts at calling I was getting nothing but voicemail which did start to panic me. At the beginning this supplier had been great but closer to the wedding I struggled to get any communication from them having to resort to phoning, using Facebook, emails and website ‘contact us’ boxes to try and finalise the details. With this in mind I was extremely anxious that they were not going to turn up. Eventually I found a phone number for our delivery driver who sounded surprised at my panic at him not being there. It turns out him and his wife had just been given the delivery jobs for the day and nothing was ever mentioned about them being there between 2-3pm. When they turned up at 5.30 they were extremely apologetic but at least the stuff was there. Panic over.

With the venue looking as ready as it could be we headed home and I said goodbye to James for the last time before the wedding. That evening my whole family who had travelled to be there went for a meal together and it was amazing to think that everyone there had travelled far and wide just to join us on our day.

After the meal we all headed home exhausted and I was given a box organised by my lovely sister saffron. The box contained letters from my closest family and friends which was so amazing. Reading the letters from everyone made me feel so loved and also made me burst into tears I’m very lucky to have such incredible people in my life, that’s for sure!


Well that’s it for the build up to the wedding day. I’ll leave it there for now and promise to write up the actual day itself very soon

To Be Continued…

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