The hopeless bride says goodbye…for now

I can’t believe that I’m writing what will be my last blog post before I get married! When I started writing my little blog over a year ago, I had no idea that I’d still be going right up until the wedding and that people would actually read it! So thank you to everyone that has read/shared/commented on my blog along the way, your support has meant so much to me and encouraged me to keep going in my little experiment. 

You may (or may not) be pleased to hear that I hope to continue to blog after the wedding, giving advice from the day, my do’s and don’ts etc. and then I hope to come up with something else to write about (suggestions very welcome!) 

But for now, today is my penultimate day as a single lady, I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has gone. Despite the fact that my week has been filled with the following: 

  • A sudden panic that we had no stand/board/accessory for either of our cakes or a knife to cut them with 
  • Sleepless nights over the weather (I hate things I can’t control) 
  • Writing more cards than I have ever done before 
  • Wrapping 
  • Tying flip flops 
  • Practicing a first dance, which for two awkward/normally drunk dancers is not an easy task 
  • Taking full advantage of Amazon prime (it is an essential for a wedding) 
  • Generally feeling more and more sick with nerves  

I am in fact so excited for the big day!

As every bridal blog has ever said, the last week is absolute chaos with your mind running a million miles an hour and problems coming up where you never thought possible. I am trying my best to take people’s advice and to not wish the time away as everyone says the day goes in a flash and you will forever want to relive it.. 

I’m currently focusing on remembering everything, completing important tasks like getting my nails done 😉 and trying not to nervous eat too much so that my dress doesn’t fit come Saturday. 

As I said earlier I will be writing up all about my day with some photos once the madness has died down and I can’t wait to share our day with you all. But for now, all I can say is thank you for joining me on this adventure and for following the hopeless bride!


2 thoughts on “The hopeless bride says goodbye…for now

  1. Rachael Styles - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    One great piece of advice we were given was get a notebook – before you go to bed write down absolutely everything you can remember from the day! There’s so much that even the next day reading over it we were like “oh yeah! forgot that happened!”, and now looking back on it’s really nice to pick up now I’m in post-wedding depression and have a read over.
    Good Luck, wishing you both the best day and all the happiness – hope you manage to get more sleep than I did in the last few days!


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