The hopeless bride gets sh*t done

With less than two weeks to the big day, it seems our lives revolve around the wedding. I honestly don’t know how anyone does this for a living because it is so all consuming I’d never be able to keep it anywhere near 9-5.

As there are too many things to write individual blog posts on, I thought I’d give you a quick update on what we’ve been up to.


When we first started thinking about wedding photos, I knew straight away that I wanted a confetti shot. So rather than rely on/hope that everyone brings confetti, we decided to order some of our own to make the perfect photo. Similar to every other part of the planning process, I was amazed at how expensive it was. Some companies quoted more than £100 to cater for enough confetti for 60 people! I avoided the mainstream websites and actually looked on eBay. There were quite a few shops selling similar looking natural petal confetti for a fraction of the price. We ordered some ‘slow fall English country garden’ mix from a company called and I was so happy with the results. So one ‘wedmin’ evening was spent filling cute little bags with confetti and adding ‘throw me’ and ‘sprinkle me’ stickers. One final touch was that I added some rose petals that I had kept and dried from the night we got engaged, to be thrown with the confetti on our wedding day.

Cake boxes

I never considered cake boxes but apparently people used to post slices of cake to those who couldn’t make the wedding!!! seriously?? I wouldn’t trust cake in the post now, let alone 20 years ago when this was happening. Anyway, we’re not doing that, but we did think that guests may want to take some cake home as we will have plenty of it to spare. With the cheese and pork pie cake also providing over 7kg of food, we wanted to give guests the option of taking some home with them. I ordered ‘standard’ wedding cake boxes and thought that was a job well done. When they arrived they are what I can only describe as, match box size. Even though several people have assured me this is normal and cake slices are small at weddings, I can’t believe it! surely no one would bother to take home a piece of cake/cheese/pie that small?! it wouldn’t even last the taxi ride home for me. But everyone else said its fine so instead of worrying, we spent another ‘wedmin’ night folding the boxes. They will either turn out to be ok, or we will be starting up our own matchbox company later this year, so watch this space.


Once again my talented friend Laura has been hard at work creating amazing designs for our wedding stationery. Without giving too much away for the guests who will be coming, we’ve had some amazing ‘order of the day’ cards made, some signs for outside the venue so we hopefully don’t lose anyone and all the table numbers and seating plan made. Being blessed with a graphic designer as a friend has meant that we have been able to keep the same theme/design/logo throughout the whole process which I love. The designs really add a flow to the day and tie everything together. As ever we’ve used to have everything printed and from order to delivery it took three days! this isn’t an #ad or #spon in anyway, I just think they’re a great site and would really recommend them for any bride to be  looking for a cheaper alternative to wedding stationery.


It is amazing the amount of little bits and bobs that in the past 18 months have been on a mental ‘buy nearer the time’ list. Well we can’t get much nearer the time so we decided we needed to actually buy everything. This shopping list has had everything from gift bags, lighters and twine to sand on it. Yes the things you need to buy to finalise a wedding are so random and often left me thinking what on earth are we doing. We still aren’t quite done yet but unless I have forgotten a lot (apologies in advance if I have) we are really close to being ready for the big day!

It seems so surreal to be less than two weeks away from getting married. After starting this blog over a year ago, to now being almost ready to walk down the aisle has gone in a flash. These last few weeks will be mental but I’m sure the hard work will pay off come the 29th July.

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