The hopeless bride gets a surprise

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since my last post. With less than four weeks to go, the wedding planning and prep has hit its peak and not a day goes by without doing something (mainly paying people).

Now I was going to bore you  with the details of my pre wedding life and evenings spent making cake boxes, but I’d much rather tell you something much more fun and save the boring stuff for another post.

So a few weeks ago I finished work on a Monday and went round to my mum’s where she told me to pack an overnight bag and a swimming costume because we were going away! Completely baffled and worrying about work presentations, I packed a bag and found out that my family had in fact booked time off with my boss without me knowing!

Tuesday morning, with no clue what was going on, my mum picked me up and we drive for what felt like forever. We finally arrived in Cambridge, picked up my sister and headed to a hotel and met my other sister and two aunts.

Lucky for us it was a beautiful day as we headed into central Cambridge and to a beautiful hotel spa. All 6 of us relaxed in the jacuzzi overlooking tourists punting on the river and then were treated to a beautiful facial and neck massage. All relaxed, we headed to the 5th floor of the hotel to have champagne afternoon tea with beautiful views of the city. To top things off we then headed to the rooftop bar for sangria and Pimms.

Following all that booze, we wandered round Cambridge for a bit before doing the sensible thing and heading to another bar, this time by the river called Puntyard. After a few drinks we discovered that the bar sold Chapel Down, one of my favourite sparkling wines that is made in England. Several bottles later and we were ordering food to soak up all the booze which, also happened to be delicious.

After a great night’s sleep (booze/food coma) we all woke up in need of a serious breakfast so headed back to the centre to Cote Brasserie for some eggs and lots and lots of tea. My mum and aunts haven’t got wedding outfits sorted so we then decided to hit the shops and make the most of the summer sales. There are so many amazing shops in Cambridge and nearly everyone bought at least something. John Lewis was a particular favourite with my two aunts buying three dresses each with jackets/shoes etc

Shopped out, we had to head home and back to reality 😦 but I’m so grateful to the girls for organising such an amazing surprise hen do that was great fun. I will be sad when the wedding is over and there won’t be any excuses to get together so often.

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5 thoughts on “The hopeless bride gets a surprise

  1. Rachael Styles - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    Oh and we even had our hen parties in the same place haha!
    Glad you had a good time in Cambridge, looks like you had fun – the afternoon tea you had looked better than ours, ours was a bit of a tourist trap and wasn’t very good, the prosecco made it bearable.

    Good luck on your 4 week countdown!


    • thehopelessbrideblog says:

      Wow this is very strange lol! The pictures from your day look amazing by the way I hope ours come out as well. The hotel we went to had the spa, restaurant and rooftop bar all in it we thought it was brilliant! I’ve realised it’s three weeks tomorrow and now I need a wine 😱


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