The hopeless bride gets organised

We are seriously in the final countdown to the wedding now (50 days!!!) so we’re now at the stage when all the little details need to be finalised.

In a bid to be efficient and make the most of the short time we have left, I booked to have my hair trial and first dress fitting on the same day. Not wanting to blow my own trumpet but this seemed like a good way to do it so that I could see what my chosen hairstyle looked like with the dress.

So the lovely Holly (Here on Instagram and here on Facebook) came to the house armed with a wagon of hair products and lots of great ideas. As ever, I had no real clue of what I wanted and more importantly what would go with my dress. Without giving too much away, I chose a style of dress that was different to what I was expecting but liked the hairstyles that would have matched that dress. Confused? yes me too.

Holly was really helpful and very patient when with every look  I’d try to tweak it or see what slight alternatives looked like. After a few looks and a lot of hairspray, we found something that everyone agreed on.

After a quick snack (priorities) we hit the road and went to the bridal shop my lovely sister Saffron works at in Thrapston (  to try my dress on again. It had been a whole year since I had seen it and the doubt that I would no longer like it had really crept in. Once in the dress I was really happy and remembered exactly why I liked it the first time round. Luckily for me, once my wedding shoes were on, no alterations to the length or fit were needed, what a result!

Then came the best bit of trying all veils and hairpieces and accessories that you can add to your look followed by the familiar indecisiveness that has come with every element of this wedding planning process.

After a lot of reassurance from my mum, my sister and Julie who owns the shop, I was happy with my look and felt a lot better after having tried everything on together.

So there we have it, two more things hopefully ticked off. Apologies for the lack of photos I can’t give too much away 🙂

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