The hopeless bride invites.. part 2

A long time ago I wrote about the process of making the save the dates for our wedding (here)

Not so long ago, I realised we really needed to hurry up and actually make the proper invites. The design part I wasn’t so worried about as we had already done a lot of the initial work with the save the dates and knew we wanted something to match.

The wording however was a different matter. When faced with a blank document I suddenly realised that I’d never paid enough attention to the invites I had seen, to know what was written on them and I didn’t know where to start.

Online there were so many different templates and styles of formal/informal/jokey/quirky wedding invites and it was hard to know what style suited us and our wedding. I knew that we probably didn’t want anything too formal, the ones starting with,

‘Mr and Mrs…… cordially invite you to the marriage of their daughter’ first of all coming from a split family the wording would have ended up on three lines and caused a lot of confusion and secondly we would never say things like that. I didn’t feel like our wedding was going to be quirky/different enough to go with the invites that included things like,

‘I am totally fun and awesome and can’t wait to get drunk at your wedding/I am completely lame and will have to miss the best day ever.’ Whilst there is nothing wrong with this style it definitely doesn’t suit us.

So in the end I just decided to write it how I would say it and keep it fairly straight forward. I should probably put a *disclaimer* at this point that whilst we have sent out most of our invites there are a few left for people I know I’m seeing soon so we haven’t forgotten you!

Anyway, once the text was done that was when my lovely friend and colleague Laura came in to help sort out the design. As I know nothing about graphic design Laura was great for answering questions about what we could/couldn’t do, what papers look nice with different colours and a million other things. So basically in order to create everything, I faffed around taking ages to write some text (something I do for a living) which should have been easy and then Laura did the rest. She is seriously talented and delivered invites that were better than I could have imagined. Laura will very soon be starting up her own website/business so if you’d like to talk about invites, branding, party invites or just anything that needs designing, she’s your girl and you can email her at 

Once again we used to get the invites printed which is such a cheap and easy way to get customisable printing, I’d really recommend it. Then once they had arrived and I’d done a little happy dance around my lounge, we started to put them together.

James was roped in to to create a conveyor belt of sorting, tying, sealing and adding stickers to create the finished product which I think looks great , (although I am massively biased).

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The hopeless bride gets creative

One thing, or should I say one more thing that I totally never thought about as part of the wedding planning process was decorating.

You hire a venue, you book flowers, you choose favours but you also have to actually buy things to decorate the place. I hadn’t realised this. I definitely did realise this, when we visited the venue when it was completely empty of furniture and ‘show decorations’ and then I thought what the hell are we going to do?

I struggle enough decorating my house, let alone a venue I have visited a handful of times that will feature several different rooms. I am also hopeless at sticking to a theme or style. Everything I decorate seems to become a mismatch of items that sometimes work and sometimes definitely don’t.

So I started to look at Google and Pinterest which, if you’ve read my previous posts you will know, that is a big mistake. Whilst they can both be very helpful,  they are also really bad for making you feel as though you are drowning in possibilities and options.

As ever I had a lot of questions, including:

  • how much should we buy? and what do we do with it after?
  • how do we find decorations that look good together?
  • would anyone notice if we didn’t buy anything and we called it minimalist chic?

So when research didn’t give me much guidance I chose the only other option; buy random stuff and hope for the best.

So far I’ve bought sparklers for outside with a little sign, strings of pearl beads for the tables, printed photos to decorate the corridor between two rooms and that’s it, with three months to go that’s seriously all we’ve got. We’re planning to buy lots of candles, some lanterns, maybe some ribbon and anything else IKEA has to offer and hoping that it forms what looks like a well put together venue.

So if you’re coming to the day please try not to look confused at the combination of things decorating the venue, just smile and maybe throw in comments of ‘wow I just love how you’ve decorated the place’ when I’m in earshot.

keep calm there’s only three months to go – eeeek!