The hopeless bride gets a makeover part 2

I’ve already talked on the blog about finding the perfect person to do my makeup for the big day, (you can read it here) and last weekend myself and three of the bridesmaids had our wedding makeup trial.

As I said before, I barely know anything about makeup and had prepared Alex to not expect much direction from me, she pretty much had free reign to do what she thought best. I have had my makeup done before for a prom, a grad ball and a wedding with mixed success, so when she arrived last Saturday morning I was nervous to say the least.

Alex and her enormous magical wheelie bag of makeup soon put us all at ease. By matching all of the makeup to the individual person, everyone felt as though they had something that suited them and that was different from each other.

  • Lily who never normally wears much makeup had a gorgeous pink colour on her eyes that I would never have thought would work, but it did.
  • Kirsty who likes bright colours had a pale pink/peach lipstick that I wasn’t sure would suit her but, it looked great.
  • Emma had gold/brown colours and brows that totally changed her look.
  • I had a bright pink lipstick with a purple hue, that would definitely never normally be something I’d try but I loved it and I think it will go brilliantly with the colours of the day.

Alex had so many different techniques and tricks to hide whatever we didn’t like or highlight something in particular. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what she did as I honestly don’t know, all I do know is that contouring would undoubtedly leave me looking a disaster if I ever tried it!

What I enjoyed the most was that Alex asked my opinion on elements of my makeup and when I didn’t know what I’d prefer, she’d try her suggestion on half of my face so I could see the difference. This really helped me as when faced with ‘do I want my brows to be darker?’ or ‘should I have more brown in my eyeshadow?’ I had no clue what would look best. Alex did my makeup way better than I could have imagined and I really felt part of the process which was great.

I’d really recommend finding someone who you feel comfortable with as I knew that if I didn’t like something I could tell Alex and she would not be at all offended as she just wanted everything to be perfect. For me personally with no makeup knowledge, it was quite an intimidating stage of the planning and I could quite easily have been too shy to give my opinion for fear of being wrong/looking an idiot. Having the right makeup artist prevented that and avoided me just going along with something and walking down the aisle looking like coco the clown just to keep the makeup artist happy.

Us girls had a great morning and now we can’t wait for the big day as it’s one thing I know I don’t have to worry about! Below are some before and after photos, I haven’t put my before because I look like a gremlin! and yes that is a bit unfair on the bridesmaids but I’m the bride so tough luck, they can post no makeup photos of me when I’m their bridesmaid (hint, hint 😉 )

You can find out more about Alex and her business at

P.S I’m not being paid/sponsored to say this I just like to promote small businesses where I can and give advice based on my experiences 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The hopeless bride gets a makeover part 2

    • thehopelessbrideblog says:

      Haha it wasn’t the most flattering photo trust me 😂 yea doing it that way really helped me as I couldn’t imagine the different options when they were suggested. Was this a really easy decision for you or was it made harder because it’s an area where you have so much knowledge? X


      • Rachael Styles - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

        I kind of said I wanted Spring/Summer Rosey tones – nothing too golden, and I had a lipstick I’d already picked out which was kind of the centerpiece for the inspiration. I’d seen a few pictures of eye looks I thought would suit me and she agreed. I knew I personally didn’t want anything too natural as I don’t really wear natural makeup on a day to day basis so I wanted a better version of what I’d normally do on myself!

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