The hopeless bride puts a ring on it

Even though James proposed over 2 years ago, I don’t think it had ever fully sunk in that we were actually going to get married. That was until we both went and tried on wedding rings, then shit got real.

First let me rewind a bit. We both realised we had got to the stage of our planning that meant we needed to start thinking about what wedding bands we wanted. Luckily for me James had put all the time and effort into the engagement ring, researching things like the different types of metal, setting and the 4C’s; cut, colour, clarity and carat (if like me you had never heard of these!) so he at least had some knowledge, the only trouble was that he had no desire to get a wedding band like an engagement ring so this changed the ball game entirely.

Sadly for us the lovely independent family jewellers that James had bought the engagement ring from had shut down after 20 years of business (talk about unlucky.) This meant that the wedding band designed specifically to go with the engagement ring was not going to be available 😦

So we started from scratch looking at different types online and in shop windows but it always seemed a bit daunting to go in and actually try any on, almost like it was far too grown up for us even though the wedding is this year!

Eventually we bit the bullet and went and tried some rings on in a local independent jewellers. To make life easier I chose to stick with platinum to match my engagement ring, James however had the choice of white gold, gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, titanium and palladium amongst others, making this possibly the only ever time that he has had more choices than me in this process.

As ever, I was completely indecisive and didn’t want to make a choice there and then, so we left and decided to try at least one more jewellers. One Saturday morning after a cock up on my part that meant we were in Milton Keynes before the shops opened, we looked in a few windows and decided to give a shop we’d never heard of a go. We googled the shop to find out that it was a chain of jewellers, something I’m normally not a fan of as I like to support local business, but to tell the truth the selection was bigger, better and nicer than the local shop. What made it even more appealing was that after trying on lots of rings, the one I liked the most was nearly half the price of an almost identical ring in the other jewellers and James’ was in the sale!

In between ordering the rings in our sizes to try on properly at the shop, I did some research into platinum. I wondered why there could be such a difference in the prices for what on paper was the same thing. I was worried that platinum might be like gold where you can get different levels of quality i.e. 14ct 18ct 24 ct. Apparently (correct me if I’m wrong) platinum is platinum, there are no different levels of quality or pureness. Within the world there are two levels of quality but in the UK shops only sell the higher level of the two. My research basically showed that the difference is the most obvious one, in that local jewellers often hand make their rings in their workshops and larger stores often have machine made rings.

For me at this stage of the planning/expense I was happy to go with the cheaper option as it looked identical and there were no obvious signs of why it would be any less of a nice ring. If in a few years time either of us decide we’re not happy we can always go back and look to take the more expensive, one off route. I know many brides wouldn’t want to compromise but it was the right decision for us and it means we can have a big cheese and pork pie cake at the reception, so priorities… I know anyone going will thank me for this later.

So the rings are sorted, all I need to do now is remember which ‘safe place’ in the house I’ve put them in, ahead of the day – wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “The hopeless bride puts a ring on it

  1. Rachael Styles - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    RIngs was so much harder than I thought it would be! I also had platinum to match my engagement ring, and ben ended up going for Palladium as he needed band so thick that it was going to be almost 1,400, the Palladium version was £450 in the sale!
    I needed a band really thin as I actually don’t have a lot of space between my engagement ring ending and where my knuckle is so I only ended up with a 2mm band. We also ended up on a chain (Fraser Hart) and the service was fantastic and my ring has even been returned since after deciding it was too small, like you said we found there was more choice than shopping locally, one local one we went in didn’t even have any platinum bands!

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