The hopeless bride gives notice

 Now this post may not be about the most exciting part of planning a wedding but it might actually be useful to someone planning a wedding – hurrah!

A year before the wedding when we booked our registrar ( get in early the good time slots go so quickly in peak season and no one wants to get married at 9am!) they told us that before the wedding we needed to ‘give notice’ so we nodded and thought no more of it.

However, when we got an email reminder about giving notice, I realised that I actually had no idea what that was, what we had to do and if it was optional. After speaking to friends and family it appeared that I wasn’t the only one, even couples getting married this year had somehow not heard of it!

So after some research spurred on by the fact they wanted us to pay £70 just for the appointment, I started to understand more. It turns out that if you are having a registrar marry you, then you need to ‘give notice’ before the wedding ( I believe it’s different for church ceremonies.) This is basically a load of legal paperwork to make sure you can actually marry each other and the cynic in me would also say another money making opportunity. Your intention to wed is listed publicly ( I have no idea where) and it gives people the chance to object to your marriage.

Once we understood a bit more we looked into what we had to do. You have to book an appointment with the registrar at the council that looks after the area you are getting married in. Really conveniently for this day and age the appointments are all Mon-Fri and 9am-4pm – great!

Getting an appointment also seemed tricky, no doubt because everyone else was also as shocked by this giving notice malarkey so were all booking last minute slots.

Having paid the £70 albeit begrudgingly, we were booked in and were given information to read and documents to bring with us. We had no idea what to expect,  so when we turned up I found myself feeling a little bit nervous. The whole point is to make sure we can legally marry and that the whole thing isn’t a sham, so were they going to interrogate us? were we going to have to answer questions about our life? I started to panic a bit:

  • What on earth was James’ favourite colour?
  • What was the name of his school?
  • Oh my god maybe I know nothing about him!

When we arrived the two ladies seemed really nice and informed us that we would be questioned separately. This certainly did sound like some sort of interrogation or test we had to pass which didn’t exactly calm my nerves.

James went first and when it was my turn the first thing the lady said was, “Oh my god he didn’t even know your favourite food!” I could have died but it turns out civil servants have a sense of humour and this was just a joke, thank god.

The questions were all factual and I needn’t have worried at all. So now our proposed marriage is publicly available to view so please don’t object otherwise the blog could come to a very abrupt end!

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