The hopeless bride bags a bargain

If you’ve been following my blog, firstly thank you! Secondly you may remember a long while back I told you about choosing my bridesmaids (here)

I have five bridesmaids, which didn’t seem that many until it came to thinking about what bridesmaid dresses to get. Without naming names I have quite a varied bunch of bridesmaids with heights ranging from 5ft to 5ft8 and sizes from 8-18 with all different body types.

Not only did I have to try and find five bridesmaids dresses that not only suited everyone (did I mention that I have bridesmaids with blonde, brown, ginger and black hair!!) but I needed to try and not break the bank doing it.

From looking online I soon realised that buying the dresses from a bridal shop would not be doable. The dresses in the specialist bridal shops seemed to start at around £100 and go up to literally thousands. I’d hoped to get each dress for around the £100 mark so I ruled these out.

I started to look at online bridesmaids shops and while they were cheaper, a lot of them had bad reviews about dresses being see through, bad sizing and poor quality. The last thing I wanted to do was order five dresses that not only could the bridesmaids not try on beforehand but that would end up in a long game of returns and refunds.

A family friend recommended a large chain of bridal shops called Wed2Be that also did bridesmaid dresses, with one handily only half an hour away from where I live. So one Sunday after a stressful journey  and a very necessary Starbucks, we headed to the Milton Keynes branch of Wed2Be.


bracing myself for bridesmaid shopping

I will be honest, I have heard many great things about really affordable wedding dresses from these shops however their bridesmaid section left a lot to be desired. The shop holds all of their standard dresses but only in one colour, so if you do buy dresses you have to judge from a colour chart as to what you will get. The dresses available to try on were often dirty, had broken zips, were badly sized and all in a fabric that I have no doubt would make you sweat on even the coldest of winter days.

The girls however were amazing and tried on every style possible to give us an idea of what would look good on everyone. Although I knew within 5 minutes that we wouldn’t be buying the dresses from the shop, it was useful to get an idea of styles, length and fabrics.

I left the shop feeling a bit deflated and still like I had no clue what to buy and where to get it from.

A few weeks later I was casually browsing ASOS for clothes when I saw that they had a wedding section. Their wedding section is not at all what I expected; the bridesmaid dresses came in every size and colour, they had a ‘curve’ section which I had not seen before and they had really good reviews. Whilst browsing I found a gorgeous bridesmaid dress in the perfect colour with perfect sizes  for my bridesmaids. If I had any doubts about ordering dresses online, they soon disappeared when I saw that the dresses were in fact in the sale down to £30…. yes that’s right £30 each!

With that, I quickly checked sizes with the girls and ordered five dresses to come with next day delivery. I had no real expectation that they would be nice or that they would fit everyone, realistically it was a long shot. However ,when they arrived I was taken aback by how nice they were. The dresses were lined with a bodice and the flower belt was detachable. I loved them. The even bigger miracle was that through meeting the girls, all the dresses fit. Hallelujah! Although they would all need slight alterations to length and certain areas, for the most part the dresses looked lovely and the girls approved.

So all I would say is that don’t rule anything out, I was disappointed not to be able to afford more than £100 a dress and ended up getting  5 dresses for £150 that I truly love. It took a while but we eventually got something we are all happy with.


the top of the dresses


flower detail on the detachable belt

5 thoughts on “The hopeless bride bags a bargain

    • thehopelessbrideblog says:

      Thank you 😊 I would definitely recommend looking at high street shops and for places that sell dresses that aren’t specifically called a ‘bridesmaid dress’ that brought the price down by £50 straight away in most places. Good luck on your search 😃

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  1. Rachael Styles - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    Luckily I only had two bridesmaids – and my sister and sister in law, the dresses ended up being £200 each, luckily they’re styles they can both choose to wear again for weddings as a guest or balls.
    I let them pick which ever dress they wanted, and didn’t care if they were different as long as they were the same colour and fabric (hence going to a formal bridesmaid shop, as one is 5 ft 2 size 12-14 and the other is 5ft 8 size 6-8). They were between two dresses, one of which was in the sale for £90 and I was longing them to pick that one but I let them pick themselves so that’s the price I had to pay for them being 100% happy haha (hopefully they’ll return the favour when they get married!).
    Ahh that sucks about wed2be, I considered going there but they didn’t really have the right shades for me, so good to know I didn’t waste my time as it would have been a 4 hour roundtrip with driving!
    Those dresses look lovely, I did look on ASOS but couldn’t find anything last year that was the right colour – it seems like our colour scheme (purple and teal) has come into fashion this spring (Ted Baker looks like they copied our wedding invitations they’re that similar!), but would have been a gamble to wait longer than what I did.

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    • thehopelessbrideblog says:

      Wow that’s so brace just letting them choose whatever they want I would have been praying for the £90 one lol 😂 hopefully that means if you’re either of their bridesmaids then you’ll have the same deal!
      I’d heard so many good things about wed2be but was really disappointed and wished I hadn’t gone to be honest.
      Wow that colour scheme sounds amazing and definitely very Ted Baker. I picked what I liked last year so I’m very last season with my colour haha

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      • Rachael Styles - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

        Haha, I picked what we liked which proved very unfashionable last year and this year we would have been spoilt for choice!
        Unlimately if I’d hated what they picked I would have said no, but luckily they looked lovely at their fittings at the weekend!
        Wed2b sounds like they’ve got too popular and aren’t expanding quick enough

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