The hopeless bride tastes success (hopefully)

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (here) I LOVE FOOD. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m usually more concerned with what I’m having for my next meal than with anything else going on.

Now for me, choosing food is always hard but not because I’m fussy but mainly because I like everything, and I mean everything! So when it came to choosing what we would eat on the wedding day I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but throw in pleasing 60 other people and you’ve got a near impossible situation.

‘Just have chicken’ you may be thinking, ‘everyone likes chicken’. Well here is the problem; nearly every wedding I have ever been to has served some variation on the following dinner.

  • Chicken – always either breast or supreme
  • A form of potato – fondant, mash, roast or occasionally you may even see dauphinoise
  • Green beans – it’s always green beans
  • Some sort of creamy sauce – be it mushroom, white wine or something along those lines

So naturally my annoying brain instinctively doesn’t want that and feels the need to be different.

When looking at the menu choices for our venue I was filled with joy, there was so much to choose from and loads of exciting dishes that I would love to eat any day of the week. However, when mentioning the kinds of dishes that I’d love to choose to our family and friends, I started to get nervous. The more options I mentioned, the more problems I kept coming across. Here’s just an idea of the issues you may face if you ever have the fun filled task of choosing the food at a wedding.

  • Duck breast – ‘oh that’s a bit adventurous not sure people will eat duck, does it taste like chicken?’
  • Steak (everyone likes steak surely) well steak might not be popular, especially as half the people there can’t stand any blood from their steak and the other half want it really bloody, cue a logistical nightmare
  • Lamb – half of one side of the family do not eat lamb at all so that’s out of the question
  • Ok what about fish and chips? that’s a classic, ohh lots of people don’t like fish, that’s very risky

Now it’s worth mentioning here that the caterers at our venue have a rule where couples must choose just one starter, one main and one dessert, they don’t do big menus or choices for the guests, to try and avoid difficulty finding people, keeping all food hot and of high quality. I can totally understand this as mass catering is always hard to get right but it makes my life bloody hard.

Luckily our venue invited us and other couples booked for 2017 to try samples from their menu options. This was not only a great idea to give us an indication of what their food is like (and eat loads at the same time)  but it was a good opportunity to ask lots of questions on how to get around this difficult issue.

Even after the tasting we were still unsure and I still had thoughts of ‘sod it lets have chicken and I’ll get them to make me something different’ until  we realised there were a few more options. In the venue guide we saw that they had a BBQ option. Instead of this being one choice of meat and accompaniments this gave a selection of meats and fish cooked fresh and served with salads, bread and potatoes that people could help themselves to – we instantly loved the idea!

Our wedding is in July and fingers crossed the weather will be good so a BBQ will be perfect! Guests won’t be forced to eat anything they don’t like and we don’t have the stress of choosing which relatives to piss off by selecting the food they don’t like – WIN WIN!

(**Disclaimer**  if you happen to be the one person in the whole world that hates a BBQ and you happen to be invited to our wedding, please bring a packed lunch)


tasty canapés


THAT chicken dish at our venue


delicious lamb rump


a trio of desserts