The hopeless bride is NOT on a diet

The post I’m writing today is a bit different to my others in that I haven’t actually planned another part of the wedding, however I wanted to bring up this weird thing that I’ve noticed ever since getting engaged.

Since we announced that we were getting married, an unbelievable amount of friends, family, colleagues and even complete strangers have all asked me about one thing, my ‘wedding diet’. Now if I had gone on about wanting to lose weight I could understand this but I have never once said that I am going on a diet for the wedding.

And yet all of these questions have had the same thing in common, they don’t ask if I am going on a diet but they invariably ask, ‘how much weight are you planning to lose?’ ‘When are you starting your wedding diet?’ ‘What diet are you on for the big day?’

I even had a colleague who I have never really spoken to, and I can assume only knows I’m getting married from when I paraded my wedding shoes around the office, ask ‘how is the wedding diet going?’  I was so taken aback by this I just muttered that I hadn’t started which prompted the response of ‘oh well you’ve got plenty of time I guess’

This left me feeling three things. One- confused, was she mixing me up with someone else? Did she really mean to ask me that question? Two – confused again, had I ever in a moment of madness claimed that I was going on some kind of wedding diet? Three – offended? I am a size 10/12 which is two sizes below the U.K. Average. I have never been someone who wanted to lose loads of weight so why would someone ask that? Do I need to lose weight?

Imagine how potentially damaging that could be to someone who is sensitive about their weight or to someone who may be suffering with an eating disorder in silence.

I will confess however, that I am following a fitness plan at the moment but I started it at the beginning of this year, before we’d ever looked at a venue, ever considered a date or even thought about actually planning the wedding. So I’m not counting that. The aim of it is to improve my fitness not shed pounds.

But anyway, what is this culture/trend of assuming when a woman is getting married that they MUST be on a diet? Is it not possible that a woman can plan to get married without shedding lots of weight and just remaining how they already are?

I asked my fiancé if he’d experienced a similar thing and funnily enough no one was asking him if he’s counting the calories.

I find it baffling. In no other social situation would it be acceptable to ask people how their diet is going unless they had specifically talked about being on one.

“Oh Harry’s christening is in two months how many pounds are you planning to lose?”

“What diet plan are you following for David and Mary’s 50th wedding anniversary next year?”

It’s just so odd and something that I kind of wish wasn’t happening because if that is now the norm then I find it very sad. We are nearly at the end of 2016 and this attitude seems so outdated!

There, rant over! A normal service of wedding planning will resume shortly once I’ve finished stuffing my face with cake.

And for anyone who may be thinking of asking me how the diet is going, prepare for a barrage of abuse! I am not and will not be going on a diet for my wedding.

Oh and If anyone has seen my Instagram (vw89) they will know I am definitely not on a diet!


my ‘diet’ dinner on Tuesday