The hopeless bride says yes to the dress

This is without the doubt the one post I have been looking forward to writing because it means I have bought the most important dress of my life, my wedding dress. Now obviously before the wedding I can’t give too much away just in case my other half James is reading but I can tell you about how I found THE dress.

This element of planning the wedding has scared me the most, buying one dress that everyone is waiting to see and that will be immortalised in hundreds of photos forever, is a big task with a lot of pressure.

After hours of Pinterest and Google searching I had an idea of the types of dresses I liked and the ones I thought would suit my figure.

Luckily for me, my lovely sister Saffron works in a bridal shop and knows everything there is to know about wedding dresses – result! she kindly offered to open the shop up on a Sunday so that we could have the place to ourselves to try on as many dresses as we wanted. All that was left was to pick a date and round up my family and friends to go and have a look and see what her shop had to offer.

So one Sunday morning with extreme butterflies in my stomach, we all made the journey from my house to her shop in Northampton. The shop was beautiful, gorgeous dresses with sequins and lace were everywhere and the choice was amazing.

After watching more ‘don’t tell the bride’ episodes than I can remember, I realised that I needed to try dresses on in every style, shape and colour just to make sure that the one I picked was really right for me.

After browsing all the rails I selected a mammoth 8/9 dresses to try on (thank god we had no time limit or other brides waiting for us to finish!)

Firstly, I tried on the dress I had pictured from all the research that I had done and while it was nice, it just didn’t feel right. This is where I started to panic, if the dress I had dreamed of for months wasn’t the one then what on earth was I going to buy? One thing I quickly learned was that the dresses I thought I hated were often a lot nicer than I thought and the dresses I thought would be perfect for me often didn’t suit me at all. Great.

As I worked my way through the dresses I was getting more and more worried. There were a few that were really nice but something was missing and the doubts started creeping in. Then I tried on THE one. On the hanger I hated it and only tried it on because my sister insisted that she thought it would look good on me. She’s only worked in bridal for eight years so what would she know, well as it turns out, everything.

In the dressing room I was shocked, I never thought a dress like this would suit me at all and here I was actually really liking it. The real test would be the reveal to my family, as I walked out expecting them to hate it something strange happened. They all started to cry and tears of joy rather than dear god take that off tears! This was the reaction I had been hoping for all day and it was happening with the dress I thought I would never like.

As the dress was the total opposite of everything I thought I wanted, I was really hesitant. The scared, nervous part of me was telling me to stick with the conservative, ‘please everyone,’ safe choice, whereas the other half of me was telling me to go for it and to be brave on the biggest day of my life. What a decision.

So after a massive roast dinner in a local pub (what else would you eat in between trying on wedding dresses) we went back and tried on the final two dresses  before making my decision. I chose the dress I never thought I would.

So it is done, I have bought a wedding dress and am so excited (and still terrified) of wearing it next year. The biggest and most terrifying part of the process is done and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

P.s if you are reading this and coming to the wedding next year, please say it looks nice even if it doesn’t!

Here is a photo of just one dress I tried on (please note, the face I’m pulling is not in disgust, I just unfortunately have natural resting bitch face – it’s not my fault, I was born with it).



The beautiful shop


the beautiful shop

5 thoughts on “The hopeless bride says yes to the dress

  1. Rachael Styles - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    I bought mine on the Bank Holiday in August. So nice that your sister works in a shop, you must have got some honest expertise.

    I was terrified of going and picking something I thought nothing was going to suit me, but ended up between 2 in 2 shops. I myst have tried on about 30 that day and I’m glad I did it all in one chunk! It was a little overwhelming but I think if I’d tried to do it over a few weeks in different stores I would have ended up going back and forth between the final selections!

    Like you the shop assistant recommended I tried on one I hadn’t even spotted as it was in the window and we’d run into the shop from a thunderstorm so didn’t really look in the window at all. As soon as it was on I knew that one was the one, and my most difficult decision was choosing what colour I wanted it in – they had it in the shop in a very blush/shell pink and it looked so pretty on, I almost went for the pink version (but kept looking at my mums face who looked like I was torturing her by even debating picking the pink)!

    If I had described my dress before wedding shopping I wouldn’t have said it would look anything like what I ended up picking, it’s funny how that works out!

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