The hopeless bride needs a favour

While wedding favours might not have ever been top of my list of things that needed organising, they have always been on there as something to do. So one afternoon when bored and looking for something to pass the time, I thought why not research what’s out there.

I wanted to see if we could get something different and unique and apparently I’m not the only one. Pinterest as always, revealed a million and one ‘original’ wedding favour ideas which made finding anything that’s not ‘old hat’ or mainstream a challenge.

I wanted something that was different, fun and wouldn’t bankrupt me. The problem was all the options seemed like great ideas but nothing was standing out as ‘the one.’

Some of the ideas we considered were:

  • miniature bottles of our favourite spirits – they would definitely not make it to the big day
  • baking/cooking something for our guests – as if a wedding wasn’t enough pressure, I don’t need to be making chutney at 3am the day before
  • plants that match the wedding flowers – I can’t keep one plant alive let alone one for every guest
  • sweets with our faces on – well I can’t risk them making my face resemble Shrek on a sweet to give to guests

Finally I stumbled across a website (being advertised on Facebook – those target marketers really know what they’re doing) called the little forest soap company, who ironically were advertising candles. Now I’m not being paid to say this (however all offers are welcome) but the candles looked great. They were individual glass candles with your initials and wedding date on and you could choose different colours and scents.

I looked into the company and found the options to be really reasonable compared to some of the above options that I had considered. I contacted the company and found that I could also send across our wedding stationery logo to go be printed on the candles if I wanted and there was the option of having them all boxed individually – perfect.

The cherry on the cake was finding that they did an unscented candle option which is fantastic as my other half only has to look at a candle/diffuser/plug in/ air freshener and his nose starts to itch and he sneezes.

So that’s it. We’ve ordered our favours for the wedding and ticked another thing off the list. The favours were one thing I thought I’d definitely forget, so the fact that they are ordered 11 months in advance gives me hope that  perhaps I’m not as hopeless as I first thought, but let’s not be hasty – I don’t want to jinx it just yet!


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