The hopeless bride says I do in Choo

Now you may be thinking that dedicating a whole blog post to a pair of shoes is a bit excessive but ask any bride and they will tell you that the shoes are a big deal.

I have always liked the look of heels and then often found the reality painful and hard to walk in. I’m 5ft 7ish with size seven  feet, so heels can make me feel like any of the following:

  • A gangly giant
  • A woman with shoes so big they could safely carry passengers across the channel
  • Cinderella’s ugly sister trying to cram her massive foot into a normal persons shoe
  • A human Bambi who has lost the ability to walk

Now ideally I don’t really want to feel like any of the above on my wedding day so that left me with a dilemma; do I play it safe and get some comfy flats that I can wear all day or do I try and squeeze my feet into some beautiful but impractical shoes?

When I was younger (before the reality/cost of adult life hit) I always said that I wanted to walk down the aisle in a pair of designer shoes but with the cost of everything else being so high, this didn’t seem practical or fair when the grooms shoes would not cost anywhere near as much.

So I started looking at ‘bridal’ shoes and found they are often really plain, boring and worst of all cream satin. Never in a normal situation would I choose to wear satin cream shoes so I didn’t want to start on my wedding day. This left me with the option of just buying some nice normal shoes  but that just opened up even more options leaving me even more lost than before.

Luckily my lovely sister Saffron had told me a few months before that she got great designer deals on a website called, I had signed up and not given it a second thought, usually deleting the daily email without a second glance.

However, one day for some reason, I actually clicked into the ‘daily deals’ email and saw that they had a Jimmy Choo sale on. This sale had been on for three days already so I didn’t hold out much hope of them having any left and I was expecting them to be the ugly shoes no one had bought last season.

But, as I scrolled through I saw them. The Jimmy Choo shoes in all the bridal magazines  were on sale and guess what…. they had one pair left and in a size seven – Hallelujah!!! What were the chances, it felt like fate and fate is a good a justification as any to spend a few hundred pounds on a pair of shoes.

I ordered the shoes and within a couple of days they arrived at my work. Me and my colleagues were so excited I had to try them on then and there and walk around the office like a complete loon on cloud nine.

What makes this even better is that the shoes seem really comfy and easy to walk in, after a couple of hours walking on my wedding day I may change my mind on that but for now, the hopeless bride is saying I do in Choo.