The hopeless bride strikes a pose

If you read my previous post ‘The hopeless bride says cheese,’ you will know that I have a lifelong obsession with photos. After booking a photographer, I wondered how I could get even more photos from the day.

I’d always liked the idea of a photobooth, you can see from the photo above that I’m not one to shy away from a photo opp’ (I’m the one with the bright blonde hair making a fool of myself and loving it) but I’d heard that hiring a booth was really expensive and came with lots of conditions. I did some quick Google searching on my phone and found the following problems:

  • you only normally get the booth for around 2-3 hours, so at what time of the day is best? before the meal when people are busy mingling, or after dinner when people may be too drunk to use it?
  • Some come with a limited number of prints – how do you organise that? create a strict one photo per person policy and seem boring, or leave people to it and risk the eternal disappointment of Great aunty Mabel at missing out?
  • many had options I wasn’t even sure were needed – what colour do you want the booth, do you want it to come with colour changing lights, do you want it to serve you canapés whilst redoing your makeup (ok the last one may be an exaggeration/great idea but you see the point)

The confusion and the price in a lot of cases made me give up on this idea and come up with a plan B.

My lovely work colleagues at my last job gave me an instant Polaroid camera as a gift. My plan was to set up a table with the camera, loads of refill cartridges and a board to let people take their own selfies and stick them up – perfect. A cheap, easy solution.

That was the plan….. until I saw a very tempting offer by a photobooth company who’d probably tracked my search engine terms and conveniently advertised themselves right in front of me on Facebook.

The deal seemed too good to be true, 5 hours of a booth, unlimited photos, a guestbook people can put their photos in, key rings  to put photos in and keep as souvenirs and a CD of all the pictures for a price similar to the companies just offering the above.

Well their sneaky target advertising paid off, after checking that the company wasn’t in fact a scam to con a hopeless bride in parting with her money, I signed up.

Watch out wedding, I will be first in line to dress up in silly wigs and props and strike a pose.

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