The hopeless bride has her cake and eats it

The one part of planning a wedding I have been dying to start, is picking the wedding cake.

I love cake… not just a little bit, I mean I totally, utterly, absolutely adore and worship cake.

Growing up, my grandmother was the queen of cakes who could easily whip up a Madeira, a coffee and walnut, a tray of jam tarts and enough Christmas cake for the entire family in an afternoon, and I would be there licking the bowl of every mix (I was a chubby kid, don’t judge)

Since then, cake and baking has been a big passion of mine and although I’m no Mary Berry, I like to think that I’m not too bad and I’ve certainly eaten enough cake in my time to know a decent amount. If my Gran were still alive, I know she’d be making my cake, so I have to make sure whatever I choose is good enough so that it would have gotten her seal of approval.

So where do I start?? One thing I knew for certain was that I didn’t want a cake made by a large company who churned out cakes on a daily basis, using fancy machinery and focusing on making as much money as possible. Baking has always been about love for me, so I want my wedding cake to be made the same way.

From this, I did my usual Google search but tried to rule out the types of companies mentioned above, which wasn’t easy.

I found a few local WebPages and made some enquiries. The first person to come back to me was a lady called Jenny. After exchanging emails we set up a date to meet and talk through what I thought I wanted and what she could make.

Jenny was lovely, a self taught baker who makes cakes for the pure enjoyment and honestly from her pictures and a cake she had made that day, she is incredibly good at what she does.

With so many options on cake type, colours, style and decoration, I am not going to pretend that I have 100% decided on what wedding cake to have, but I certainly know the person I’d like to make it.

Having booked Jenny to make our cake, all that’s left is to finalise exactly what we want nearer the day and try the amazing cake samples she gave to me (by far the best bit of the process!)

Another part of the day organised.. well sort of.


The cake at Jenny’s house when I visited