The hopeless bride says cheeese

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with photographs. I have hundreds and possibly thousands of photographs right from when I was given my first camera at age 8, until now. I love how you can capture a moment in time that you can never revisit but you can always remember it perfectly with a photo.

So you can imagine how daunting I found the idea of booking a photographer to capture the biggest/most important day of my life.

Could I find a photographer to replicate the flawless images seen everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram??

Like every blog post so far, I have spent time doing research on the part of the wedding I’m trying to plan. Sometimes it does nothing but scare me with the number of options being terrifying but in this case, it actually gave me useful information (Hallelujah!)

It was great to see advice from previous brides on what they regretted not asking for when it came to a photographer, so I made sure when searching I’d consider the following things:

  • How long would the photographer be there on the day?
  • Does their package include any prints or just digital media?
  • What style of photography would the photographer use?
  • What editing options would be available after the wedding?

This was great, I felt armed with information and knowledge to go ahead and book a photographer. The one thing I hadn’t considered though, was once I had asked these questions, what were the right answers? How long did I want a photographer there on the day? what kind of photography style did I want? you get the picture.

I figured I’d have to just carry on doing what I’d done so far and try and wing it. Luckily our wedding venue recommended some photographers who had worked there before, so we used that as a place to start. Having miraculously chosen the same photographer, me and my fiancé arranged to meet him and have a look at his previous work.

The meeting was such a help, it was good to get to know the person who would potentially be there on the day, see previous styles and options and talk it through. We were sold. We loved the images and really liked Marcus himself.

So we’ve now booked our photographer for the day, all that’s left to do is write a long list of all the Pinterest worthy shots I want on the day ….. good luck Marcus!

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