The hopeless bride invites…

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Look at any top 10 most stressful parts of planning a wedding list and you will see what I’m about to talk about – deciding the guestlist.

Now I understand that it’s a fairly straightforward concept, you invite who you want to share your wedding day with. But perhaps I was a bit naive in thinking this would take ten minutes max, seeing as I know all my friends and family right? wrong!

I have never before considered how political a wedding is. If we invite one set of cousins, the others have to come, if we invite one person from a friendship group they all have to come. If we invite one person’s partner because we know and like them, then everyone’s partners have to come – it goes on and on. The more we thought about it the more it became a game of how few people can we piss off when we send the invites out.

So I did what I never thought I’d do during this process…..I made a spreadsheet…..with formulas. This spreadsheet is a thing of beauty if I do say so myself, it contains a total number of people, total day guests, total evening guests, total invites required. What is wrong with me? but it helped and it made it easier to reign in the random people (people we met once in a bar but have had on Facebook for years kind of people) and keep the numbers on target.

After much thought I think we are there, another thing ticked off the list. Why is the accompanying picture a glass of champagne you might ask? well because I now bloody deserve one!





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