The hopeless bride says cheeese

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with photographs. I have hundreds and possibly thousands of photographs right from when I was given my first camera at age 8, until now. I love how you can capture a moment in time that you can never revisit but you can always remember it perfectly with a photo.

So you can imagine how daunting I found the idea of booking a photographer to capture the biggest/most important day of my life.

Could I find a photographer to replicate the flawless images seen everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram??

Like every blog post so far, I have spent time doing research on the part of the wedding I’m trying to plan. Sometimes it does nothing but scare me with the number of options being terrifying but in this case, it actually gave me useful information (Hallelujah!)

It was great to see advice from previous brides on what they regretted not asking for when it came to a photographer, so I made sure when searching I’d consider the following things:

  • How long would the photographer be there on the day?
  • Does their package include any prints or just digital media?
  • What style of photography would the photographer use?
  • What editing options would be available after the wedding?

This was great, I felt armed with information and knowledge to go ahead and book a photographer. The one thing I hadn’t considered though, was once I had asked these questions, what were the right answers? How long did I want a photographer there on the day? what kind of photography style did I want? you get the picture.

I figured I’d have to just carry on doing what I’d done so far and try and wing it. Luckily our wedding venue recommended some photographers who had worked there before, so we used that as a place to start. Having miraculously chosen the same photographer, me and my fiancé arranged to meet him and have a look at his previous work.

The meeting was such a help, it was good to get to know the person who would potentially be there on the day, see previous styles and options and talk it through. We were sold. We loved the images and really liked Marcus himself.

So we’ve now booked our photographer for the day, all that’s left to do is write a long list of all the Pinterest worthy shots I want on the day ….. good luck Marcus!

The hopeless bride invites…

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Look at any top 10 most stressful parts of planning a wedding list and you will see what I’m about to talk about – deciding the guestlist.

Now I understand that it’s a fairly straightforward concept, you invite who you want to share your wedding day with. But perhaps I was a bit naive in thinking this would take ten minutes max, seeing as I know all my friends and family right? wrong!

I have never before considered how political a wedding is. If we invite one set of cousins, the others have to come, if we invite one person from a friendship group they all have to come. If we invite one person’s partner because we know and like them, then everyone’s partners have to come – it goes on and on. The more we thought about it the more it became a game of how few people can we piss off when we send the invites out.

So I did what I never thought I’d do during this process…..I made a spreadsheet…..with formulas. This spreadsheet is a thing of beauty if I do say so myself, it contains a total number of people, total day guests, total evening guests, total invites required. What is wrong with me? but it helped and it made it easier to reign in the random people (people we met once in a bar but have had on Facebook for years kind of people) and keep the numbers on target.

After much thought I think we are there, another thing ticked off the list. Why is the accompanying picture a glass of champagne you might ask? well because I now bloody deserve one!





The hopeless bride’s squad goals

When it came to thinking about who I should ask to be my bridesmaids, I’m lucky that I had quite a few options. I have my sister Charlotte, my step sister Saffron and my half-sister Lily (confusing I know) obviously these three lovely ladies had to go straight in the squad.

Then I have my friend Emma who I have literally known my entire life, our parents met at antenatal classes and the rest as they say is history. She has to be in the squad.

Finally, my best friend, Miss Kirsty Dicker, who has constantly made me laugh and encouraged me to get drunk and do silly things on numerous inappropriate occasions for the last 8 years. She’s in the squad.

So there, my five lovely ladies who I have chosen to help celebrate what will hopefully be an amazing day. All that was left was to ask them.

Once again I put my faith in online information, Pinterest and wedding magazines and discovered that nowadays it’s not just as simple as asking someone to be your bridesmaid, that would be way too straightforward and cost effective.

No nowadays there is a whole host of options to do what I thought would be one of the easier options on my list. Not wanting to let my girls down, I researched what other non-hopeless brides had done;

  • A Treasure hunt with clues leading to a ‘will you be my bridesmaid treasure chest’
  • A box filled with luxury gifts and a balloon that pops up when you open the box, asking the important question
  • Personalised champagne bottles with heartfelt messages
  • Handpainted ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ mugs
  • And finally my favourite…… Tiffany jewellery with a little ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ card in the famous blue box

Has everyone lost the plot??? Weddings are expensive enough without these new ‘traditions’ that keep popping up and guilting everyone into taking part, sorry……rant over.

In the end, I decided to still mark the occasion but to not bankrupt myself or have to take a week off work to organise everything. I found a lady online who made gorgeous, personalised ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ cards in the vintage/shabby chic style I like. Perfect.

One benefit of getting through this stage of planning is that I now have five lovely ladies to help me. So in the words of Beyoncé, “Ladies let’s get in formation,” we’ve got a wedding to plan!