The hopeless bride’s first love

Whilst I have mentioned all the things about weddings that I have no clue about, there is one thing that I have been sure of since I was a little girl. I love VW camper vans.

Whether it’s all the pretty colours they come in, or the fact that we share initials I don’t know but I have always been obsessed with them.

My bedroom in my parents has camper vans mugs, money boxes, ornaments and I even had some personalised camper van embroideries made to hang on my wall.








So when it came to how I would get to the wedding it was simple, it had to be a camper. Or at least I thought it was simple. Despite being  15 months before the wedding, so many companies were already booked up on our date.

Two magazine wedding planners said I didn’t need to even consider transport until 6 months before the wedding – what do they know?!!

Luckily my fiancé was determined to book the car of my dreams to get me to the wedding (what an absolute babe) so after hours of research, emails and phone calls he finally found Charlie.

Charlie in the top picture is a white and navy 1967, split screen camper van and he will be taking me and my bridesmaids to the ceremony, perfect. I am in love.

The transport is booked, progress is actually being made, I am one happy hopeless bride!

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