The hopeless bride books a venue

What’s next I last asked, well apparently it’s the venue, so nothing major then (cue hyperventilating)

I may not know much, but even I know that the venue is a pretty big deal. You spend the majority of the day there so it needs to be good – no pressure then.

A quick Google search confirmed that I may as well be looking for a needle in a haystack. There are churches, castles, barns, manor houses and now apparently even pubs that hold licences to hold ceremonies.

The thought of spending the foreseeable future traipsing around a selection of these places, whilst always being told that they’re the most flexible venue, with the best food and the most reasonable prices in the area, was not a good prospect.

So after a few hours, several cups of tea and procrastinating episodes of ‘The real housewives of Chester,’ I made a list of possible places to visit.

First on the list was Dorton house, a lovely old building in the countryside that during term time also houses a boarding school.

Viewing the house was a dream, it’s perfect and everything I realised I didn’t know I wanted. Within two hours it was booked, how’s that for efficiency?!

Surely I’m on some sort of roll and planning the whole thing is going to continue to go this smoothly….. Yea I don’t think so either.

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